Sunday, May 25, 2008

97.1 lsfm

papa bear, papa dan at papa kiko. sana wag sila mawala sa ere.
nakakaloka yang station na yan. makinig kayo. gabi ko sila narinig.
maganda pramis! talk to papa! rambo kayo diyan!

Talk to Papa, 97.1 Barangay LS. May 8, 2008
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Spending the vacation at home has been a very boring thing to do. I can
no longer imagine waiting for the next four weeks to go by. Seeing that
I miss my school life so much, I can barely kill time for doing nothing
that may eventually turn me suicidal. Late this morning, I woke up with
my head aching badly along with the preoccupation of stress. I then
spent my whole day watching the same television shows and facing the
same monitor of my laptop; to be brief, I consumed the day doing the
same old grind. I am now exhausted on making music videos with lyrics,
playing computer games, watching American TV series and distraughtly
writing stories. I want to give all of those activities a miss and to
better myself.
Just now, I am having a difficulty, rather inability, to remain asleep
for a normally longer time whenever I go to sleep at past midnight. Not
to mention, I have no memory of going to bed anytime between sunset and
wee small hours for the past how many years. Good thing I found an
excellent diversion: listening to 97.1 Barangay LS FM. Its radio
programs Mr. Dreamboy and Talk to Papa can’t help me but laugh so
heartily. The former lets callers relate their dreams on air. What I
like most about the show is the witty personality (and dream
interpretation) of Papa Dan, its host. It brought me up to a clearer
view that many people are still unaware of the real reason why dreams
exist. Anyway, the other show, Talk to Papa is nothing but a
hilariously contrived program that let listeners call up and share
their problems. Hosts Papa Bear and Papa Kiko advise their callers with
sometimes serious, sometimes comical counsels that make me roll into
laughter on bed. Besides the three mentioned hosts’ punchlines, it is
noteworthy to say that they are clever enough to run their respective
How I wish I could bring back the old days when I still have no trouble
in sleeping, but then again those are my childhood years with which no
ounce of desire on living it all over again subsists. Adolescence is
but a burdensome stage in one’s life, what more is set for adulthood.

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